AMEPCO GmbH is your partner for many technical questions concerning your processes.

Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

High temperature materials / special materials

Are you looking for a special material that meets your high requirements and, for example, is resistant to high-temperature corrosion at temperatures far above 1500°C in an aggressive atmosphere?
Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

Casting, sintering, thermal spraying: primary shaping processes

Sometimes production processes reach their limits at some point. After years of optimization, the requirements on the workpiece or the material can no longer be met or only with increased costs.
Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

Thermal Process Engineering/Reactors

You want to optimize your thermal production processes and procedures and make them more efficient?
Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

Emission protection and pollutant reduction

Do you want to ensure that your kiln plant is safely below the current emission limits and will also meet future requirements?
Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

Raw material processing

You want to use secondary raw materials, difficult to digest or inferior raw materials without compromising the quality of your product or endangering the stability of your production process?
Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe / Sonderwerkstoffe

Pilot experimental lab

Experience has shown that the steps from the idea, the laboratory test or the results of a literature search are often given too little importance.

Interim Management

In extensive projects for the introduction of new products, for quality improvement or even the construction or conversion of plants and production facilities, management capacities are often lacking. We take over the temporary organization of your projects for you. Our technical and scientific core competence plays a decisive role in how we work. In us you will find an interim management who thinks far beyond key figures and implements your entrepreneurial goal in technology.


AMEPCO GmbH is your partner for many technical questions concerning your processes. We answer your questions with a manufacturer-independent and systemic approach and support you from basic preliminary considerations, the planning of a plant, through the selection of materials to exhaust gas cleaning. Whether high-vacuum furnace or hazardous waste incineration, you will find the right contact in us and with us.

We also have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of non-ferrous and iron metallurgy, refractory materials, technical ceramics and hard materials as well as raw material processing. Due to our broadly set up authority we take over for you also the management of individual projects, as well as the interim management of whole ranges of your enterprise. Talk to us!

Our way of working

AMEPCO is often consulted when standard methods and approaches for solving production problems have not led to success. If, for example, a problem occurs in your furnace process, this does not mean that the cause of the problem lies there. It may well be that the seed of the problem was already created in the selection of raw materials or in an upstream mixing or compacting process. In other words, many problems require a more fundamental and all-encompassing view and a certain "overview".



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