AMEPCO GmbH is your partner for many technical questions concerning your processes. We answer your questions with a manufacturer-independent and systemic approach and support you from basic preliminary considerations, the planning of a plant, through the selection of materials to exhaust gas cleaning. Whether high-vacuum furnace or hazardous waste incineration, you will find the right contact in us and with us.

High temperature materials / special materials

Are you looking for a special material that meets your high requirements and, for example, is resistant to high-temperature corrosion at temperatures far above 1500┬░C in an aggressive atmosphere? Or do you need highly wear-protected components to increase service life? Contact us, with our extensive experience in the field of refractory metals, hard materials and technical ceramics we can work out material and production concepts as well as design and construct parts and assemblies. The partners of our extensive network manufacture for you with the highest precision and reliability, precisely tailored to your needs.

Do you operate production facilities for technical ceramics or special alloys, do you want to expand them, plan new ones or want to achieve higher quality standards for your products?

We support you from the idea, through the screening of potential markets to the design of the entire process, the selection of process engineering units and machines and the determination of all necessary process parameters for your production process. Our know-how ranges from technically relevant carbides such as zirconium carbide, boron carbide, silicon carbide or tungsten carbide, through nitrides such as aluminum nitride, silicon nitride or titanium nitride to refractory metals (tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium), technical borides such as titanium diboride, rhenium diboride, and nickel alloys, heat-resistant steels or technical oxide ceramics such as aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and many more. Thanks to this enormously broad basis, we are in a position to advise you optimally in the selection of materials and process design.

Casting, sintering, thermal spraying: primary shaping processes

Sometimes production processes reach their limits at some point. After years of optimization, the requirements on the workpiece or the material can no longer be met or only with increased costs. The number of production steps increases and with it the costs, but not necessarily the quality. Perhaps it is time to think about a different, more suitable production process? Perhaps it is possible to manufacture the component efficiently in one process step, e.g. from a compound or hybrid material or in a very efficient casting process? Our many years of experience in the world of materials and original moulding processes, both in metal casting and in sintering or thermal spraying, are combined for the implementation of your ambitious projects. (Image: Casting furnace for alloy development)

Thermal Process Engineering/Reactors

You want to optimize your thermal production processes and procedures and make them more efficient? Quality and stability of your processes are important criteria? Have your process chain analyzed, bottlenecks eliminated and waste minimized. We have the tools and methods to help you succeed and are not tied to any manufacturer or process. In this way, we can approach the solution of the problems openly and in the interest of the customer's benefit.

Emission protection and pollutant reduction

Do you want to ensure that your kiln plant is safely below the current emission limits and will also meet future requirements? You want to separate harmful and toxic substances as concentrated as possible in order to keep the amount of hazardous waste and thus your costs low?

It is not unusual for waste to become new recyclable materials that can be returned to the raw material cycle. We will find the optimum combination of process adaptation and disposal channels for you to maximise your economic success.

Raw material processing

You want to use secondary raw materials, difficult to digest or inferior raw materials without compromising the quality of your product or endangering the stability of your production process?

In the future, it will become increasingly important to be able to process raw materials and secondary raw materials whose use was previously considered to be uneconomical. Recycling is becoming increasingly important in industry. Use our chemical and metallurgical expertise and experience. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of resource efficiency and help you to increase the potential on the cost side of your production processes.

Pilot experimental lab

Experience has shown that the steps from the idea, the laboratory test or the results of a literature search are often given too little importance. Or in other words, the upscaling is neglected. There is a lot to lose but also to gain on the way to the set up of a production plant. Starting with the correct dimensioning of the process engineering aggregates to the service life of heaters, furnace muffles etc., chemical side reactions that have never been observed on a small scale or incorrectly estimated hourly outputs, almost everything is involved that delays the commissioning of the plant and increases costs and incalculable risks. Everyone knows those projects that could only be implemented with a lot of cold sweat and in some cases high additional expenses and yet the sallow aftertaste of a rather provisional production process remains.

That needn't be! Targeted, orientated design attempts minimize the risks to an easily calculable level. Based on theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience, we plan these tests for you and carry them out or arrange them together with partners. We are able to carry out a number of tests tailored to your specific problem. These include, for example, hot gas corrosion experiments, simulation of boiler tube corrosion, thermal shock design, e.g. for the design of pusher furnace processes, test castings for almost all casting alloys, hybrid materials or compound materials as well as the production of precursor mixtures and formulations or compacted and granulated mixtures.


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